Does your sales process align with the way your prospects buy, or are hidden barriers sabotaging your best efforts?

By the time a prospect talks to your sales person, they are 60% of the way through their decision journey. They have more information about your company, your products/services and your competitors than ever before. As a result, your prospects have more control over the sales process.

Research shows that buyers go through the same decision journey every time they make a purchase. With a Sales Barrier Analysis, we align your sales process to the way your prospects are buying by using behavioral science to map out your current prospect's consumer journey. From there, we identify your company's unique challenges and obstacles to determine what your team needs to add to or remove from the prospect's decision making journey. Throughout the process, the goal is to develop an actionable map and plan that will increase your marketing leads and sale's lead-to-close ratios. 

Want to learn more? We've put together a brochure that talks, in detail, about: 

  • How behavioral psychology applies to the sales cycle
  • The importance of mapping both the buying process and your sales tools
  • The importance of presenting the right information at the right time. (So that's why product demos and spec sheets actually inhibit sales if presented too early in the process!)

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