In the Era of Digital Transformation

Technology is changing how businesses in almost every industry go to market. But adopting more and newer technology, without strict oversight of both sales and  marketing strategy, risks creating the same silos that have plagued businesses forever.




Digital transformation and the structure of your SDR team

The digital transformation of the sales & marketing function requires a significant shift in the way we approach our sales development team: How we hire; how we train; how marketing and technology drive opportunity and support the team’s daily efforts; how we compensate and retain talent. Sean and Ed explore these topics from a variety of perspectives and personal experience.
Host: Sean Doyle, CEO
Guest: Ed Rusch, Chief Revenue Officer
  Deck Commerce


Integrated technology to power sales

Technology is driving change in both the sales and marketing functions of business: The digital transformation. Businesses have more data than ever, but are they effectively leveraging that data into opportunities? Jordan, Jessica, and Sean explore the most effective ways to vet new technology and to integrate systems to most effectively support your sales team.

Host: Sean Doyle, CEO               Jessica Jardin, SDR
  FitzMartin                          FitzMartin
Guest: Jordan Benjamin,  Principal Partner Sales Manager

Insights from the experts

Alignment is everything. Between technologies. Between your teams. In your message, your promise and, ultimately, in how you deliver your product or service to your customers.

Through our podcast, Aligned, our blog, Ignite, and our running webinar series, we share the experience and expertise of a number of people in building effective sales and marketing strategies. We explore current trends, advances in technology and how to leverage the science of behavior change into action that impacts your bottom line.

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