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We Believe that Marketing Is Critical to Growth, And These Resources Will Help You Get Started 

We're on a mission to help businesses drive revenue through smart marketing and sales strategies. Below are a few resources that provide science-based, proven methodologies, processes and tactics to make your marketing and sales work better, together to help your business grow.

Worksheets and Tools

Helpful tools to assist CMOs in driving organizational change and revenue

A compilation of our most useful worksheets and tools for organizations that are just beginning to transform their marketing departments, as well as those that are already focused on and driving revenue.

The package includes: 20FMD014 - Cognitive Sales and Marketing Framework

  • Sales Barrier Analysis Worksheet
  • Cognitive Marketing Map
  • Pain, Proof, Promise Worksheet
  • CMO Job Description
  • Chapters 4 and 5 from Shift


Discovery Video Series

12 videos and 2.5 hours of teaching and insights

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This video series covers the critical lessons of our Centricity methodology and will give you the understanding and framework you need to transform your sales and marketing.

In this video series you’ll learn:

  • The six stages of the Customer Decision Journey
  • The four key conversion points and the processes at each point that help move prospects progress toward a decision.
  • You’ll learn why most agencies succeed at creating awareness, but fail spectacularly in converting that awareness into new customers.



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19 practical, business-driven ideas for an executive in charge of marketing but not trained for the task.

Built from more than 25 years experience and 5,000+ client engagements helping companies improve their marketing, improve their sales and improve their profitability. Shift is a grounded, practical approach to marketing, derived from the established science of behavior change.

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