Helping marketing sell

It’s a common frustration with all clients, feeling the disconnect between marketing and sales; feeling like their investment in marketing isn’t reflected in the sales they close.

At the same time, both sales and marketing are drowning in data. And too much unstructured data is as paralyzing and debilitating as not enough. A growing trend solves both of those problems.

Sales enablement is a unique position that sits between sales and marketing, giving form to the data to help salespeople more effectively do their jobs. At the same time, sales enablement helps ensure that the resources invested in marketing deliver the highest returns.

In this 20-minute webinar, FitzMartin CEO Sean Doyle and Will Riley, a demand generation and sales enablement professional, explore the practical benefits of the role in business today. You’ll also learn about:

  • The framework for profitable sales enablement, including a free downloadable worksheet;
  • 3 key consideration points in the buyer’s journey to focus where sales enablement is effective;
  • 1 key point in the buying journey where it’s not;
  • How to know if sales enablement is a good investment for your company;
  • First steps you can take without spending money
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